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Van finance for drivers with lower credit scores.

Is your business thriving, but you are struggling to finance your next van? If you’re worried about a lack of credit history, or if your credit score is on the low side, don't let that put you off applying for van finance.

At Advantage Finance, we understand the van market and we’re highly experienced in helping our customers get the van they need - even if their credit score is deemed "bad".

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as guaranteed van finance for bad credit. But rest assured, we see the person behind the credit score. We get to know you and your current situation and do everything we can to help you. We pride ourselves on being responsible lenders and will always arrange something you can afford. We can provide you with an answer in a jiffy as to how likely it is that you’ll be approved, all without leaving a trace on your current credit score.

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Want to find out if you can be approved to finally buy that dream van? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. With a fast application process, you'll find out quickly if we can help you.

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How does bad credit happen?

Advantage Finance has helped thousands of people across the UK with low credit scores find their dream van. We think your current financial situation is much more important than your past one. We get that your credit score can be bad for lots of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • A non-existent credit history - you may never have taken out a loan or credit card, and always paid in cash
  • Shared credit with another person who had credit issues - meaning you’re weighed down by their poor credit history
  • Missed payments on other credit agreements
  • Historical CCJs
  • Historical Defaults
  • Credit Arrears

If any of the above applies to you – don’t panic! Our friendly team have decades of experience when it comes to getting affordable deals for customers with a poor credit score.